Age: 18
Height: 173cm (5’8″)

Episode 7:

Episode 6:

Episode 5:

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Episode 2:

Episode 1:



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  1. She’s just the girl that follow to the others “cool girls” (Stupids Bitches Girls)

  2. she is so exotic,i like her hair 😉

  3. HATE HER!!!

  4. such a bitch. i liked her before wtaching it. shes such a follower and so immature its not even funny. she thinks she is the hottest shit ever. ugh hate her

  5. bitch

  6. Her elimination was LONG OVERDUE. Should’ve been either Episode 2, Episode 4, or Episode 6.
    If I was in charge, I’d have her out by the fourth, despite Belinda’s horrendous photograph.

  7. best girl ever ❤

  8. probably only one good picture. so ugly. masculine face

  9. NO SHES BEAUTiFUL more beautiful than u cutedog A.K.A UGLYDOG!

  10. shes a bitch. rudest out of all. ruder than demelza. her personality is shet and she says the word “FCK” in every sentence she uses. potty mouth and so ugly. she should just die or something. waste of space in life.

  11. NO WAY go talk your trash somewhere else stupiddog cuz nobody wants you here!

  12. BECCA ROCKS! ❤ HER!!!!

  13. bec is freaking ugly and look at her face. she looks more masculine then any guy i have seen. so ugly and eww. and she needs to learn some freaking manners. she says FCK in every sentence she says and thinks she is hot. so ugly and look at those bushy eyebrows. ew ugly bec i hope she like gets run over by a car. i hate bec shes ugly and can’t model to save her freaking life. ugly girl and ugly personality LOL

  14. <33333 Becca-Boo

  15. she could be gorgeous but her photos are all bad. I feel like she just takes her good looks for granted and doesnt put in any effort. She should have been eliminated waay earlier. Not to mention her personality is so terrible.

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