Discuss the Winner!

July 4, 2008 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 17 Comments

Most of us have already seen or heard about the final AusNTM episode, so we know who the winner is.  If you haven’t yet, get on that!  Video is available on YouTube.

And the winner is… (after cut)

Are you happy she won?  Upset?  Who do you think should have won?  Do you see this as AusNTM promoting bullying?  What did you think of the finale?  Let’s hear your thoughts!



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  1. Im so mad!!! Sam or Alex should have won

  2. I’m kinda confused!!! Through the whole competition I was a keen Demelza fan, but I felt really bad for Alexandra when she lost, she did so much, improved so much and she really had some stunning photos, while I think Demelza has changed in a wrong way in the past 2 month, since the producing of the show is over. When the judges came up with her “missing lifetime experiences” and she smiled and just said “i collected some more lifetime experience…” i felt so bad. did he really jump into someone’s bed just to be able to say that? i don’t know whater that story is true or not, but i found her “little girl’s charm, beauty & innocence” has dissaperared from her face and that was her real wheapon against Alexandra. and i so liked that she has never been kissed before and was proud of it unlike most of nowadays girls who want to be adults sooner and sooner so they start a sexaul life with someone they don’t even like (and with someone who doesn’t like them either, just wanna have an easy f*ck) at the age of 14!!! it’s totally normal for a 16 years old girl to be a virgin and even to not to been kissed before if she hasn’t met with someone who made butterflies flying in her stomache!!! For that (and not for the bullying thing) she could have been a role model, but if what she said was true, well … everthing that was precious in Demelza as a person is gone…

  3. I’m kinda mad that Demelza won. Even though she was the “bitchketeer”, she did apologize for her torment towards others. I did like her pictures, she is quite a good model.
    So, 1 thumb up, 1 thumb down.

  4. Caris, please?

  5. When does Cycle 5 start? I haven’t been into AusNTM until just recently, but I love it! So much more “real” than ANTM, like with the workout training, and it seems like the recent winners are excellent! I actually really like that they picked Demelza, bitchketeer that she is. ANTM is only looking for a spokesperson to advertize the show, while AusNTM is looking for actual top models.

  6. I come back from the dead with news.

    As well as Demelza, at least three girls from this cycle have been signed with Priscilla’s Model Management. They are: Alex (not a surprise, really), Kristy (a shock for me), and Samantha (allegedly to have been agreed upon before her elimination). There were rumours of Rebecca also being signed, but I can’t find her name on Priscilla’s website, so they appear to be just that; at least for the moment.
    Caris remains with Chadwick Management (and I figure she’ll have a lot more success nowadays).
    Alyce has been signed, but I cannot confirm with whom. Belinda is looking for an agent, Alamela is content to stick with her brains for now, and Leiden is… well, Leiden.
    That’s all for now. I’ll try to dig up more.

    And thanks for your consistent coverage throughout the cycle. (I would give you a smilie, but I tend not to use them very often.)

  7. Oh! I did some more digging and scratch that Alamela comment. She is not only serious about modelling, she has her own website. And – shock – has become one of those models who is too good for a last name.
    See: http://alamela.com/
    (The home of her future website, which should be arriving soon).

  8. That’s awesome on Alamela, Saikun, thanks for letting us know! I’m actually quite a fan of her and have been keeping up with her portfolio, of course still finding it hard to believe how Jamie and Bec made it past her. She’s actually an amazing model.
    BLARGH! No, Bec CAN’T be signed to Priscilla’s! Oh, well, at least Sam, Alex, and Kristy (applauds) got in as well. Caris is still going to own all of them, her portfolio is a gold mine.

  9. Oh, and in accordance to the article, I’m actually quite content with Demelza winning. Although she’s shown a downright ugly personality, sense of humor, and immaturity, I’m glad that they picked a MODEL to win. Needless to say, not a role model, but they’re not going on politics by deciding to pick the first plus-size winner because it’s “time for one to win,” even though the runner-up has the best statistics in the show (ANTM Cycle 10)

  10. I can now confirm that Rebecca has been signed with Priscilla’s.

  11. Very disappointed with the final outcome but it was not unexpected.

    I don’t think Demelza is a good role model for young women. In contrast, Amarela was.

    Jonathon was such an annoying and insulting judge. He had such distain for Alex and such support for Demelza it was sickening. Naturally the judges eliminated Caris and Sam so that the final two would be Demelza and Alex.

    Alex had been demeaned continuously over her enhanced lips etc, so she was not a popular choice with the public.

    The show’s outcome didn’t make sense. Alex got more modeling jobs than Demelza. Also, Caris, who is so unique, was told by many of the agencies/photographers they would hire her on the spot!

  12. Alamela’s website is fully up and running!

  13. Alamela is now signed with Women Models, and modelling in Korea!

  14. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.


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