Episode 10 Recap

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Today’s episode was brought to you by the letters N, Y, C, and the YouTube user funkcountry
Finally… it’s time to narrow it down to the final two.  Who will be Australia’s Next Top Model?

Will it be the mean girl?  Will her young, fresh look and wiser-than-her-years sophistication give her the win?
Will it be the ditzy girl? Will her vast improvement, exotic look, and bubbly people skills help her pull it off?
Will it be the saboteur?  Will her determination and do-or-die attitude be able to push her to the top?

We start off with the question:
What did we all think of Caris‘ elimination?
I thought it was completely ridiculous and unfair; I thought Alex should have gone home. 
Alex was sad about it (though not as sad, I’m sure, as if it had been her that was eliminated.)

So, they’re going to the Big Apple… NYC… New York, New York.  Sam in her flitty-but-somewhat-endearing way blabs on about how sad she is about saying goodbye to the house that they’ve lived in for the past nine weeks.  Perhaps I’m just not into material things, but seriously… it’s a house.

The giddy little tourists drive along all of the postcard places in New York, which was somewhat entertaining.  They stayed in the penthouse at the Alex, and I’ll admit, they had a fantastic view.  And there’s some high-school-type drama about Demelza picking the room that has one bed over the room that had two… as if Sam & Alex wouldn’t have picked that room first if they had the choice.  Right.

Jodhi Mail
Jodhi wakes them up calling them chickens… or something.  M’kay.  And they get to go to go-sees!  Hoorah!  I love go-sees… best part of any cycle of any Next Top Model.

First stop, Marilyn Agency.  Demelza got the best first impression, but they weren’t wowed with her photos.  They “weren’t really that into” Sam, and thought her photos were quite retouched.  They were quite impressed with Alex, though, and I’ll admit, even I am beginning to see her positive qualities.

Next stop, MC2.  They thought Sam had a good chance in New York, but they weren’t too keen on Alex.  They thought Demelza was beautiful, but needed to lose weight, especially in her legs.  Or, as Bianca would say, “CHECK YOUR THIGHS IN THE MIRROR and I’m done!”

Their third stop was Elite.  They thought Alex looked great when she walked in, and were fairly impressed throughout.  They loved Samantha‘s body and proportions, but saw her as more commercial-focused.  Demelza also was highly praised for her fabulous look, but thought she still needed to work on her body.  They wanted Alex‘s personality, Sam‘s body, and Demelza‘s face.  Which would be quite an interesting mix.

Jodhi Mail!
They receive this one on their room service cart.  And they get to visit SoHo.  And they’re going to meet someone “special.”  It’s Malan Breton, and they’re going to do a fashion show with his designs.  Fabulous!  Runway!

Sam and Demelza did great; but Alex had a hard time with the shoes and looked like a chicken trying to walk.  And, WOW Demelza either had some crazy heels on or is ridiculously tall.  So, they got to meet Alyce Burdeau, who didn’t have nearly as many words of wisdom as I expected.

Photo shoot time!
I don’t know if this was a “trick” for the girls, but the makeup artists asked some pretty pointed questions which seemed to turn the girls against each other.  Sneaky, sneaky!

Alex was super-excited about the hair and makeup motor home they got.  Because obviously RVs are super sexy and high-class.  Their photo shoot involved them running up to a cab, and Alex managed to trip on her shoes and twist her ankle.  Drama!  Is this another tactic to impress the photographer?  Demelza had some disadvantages… the first being that they had her change her outfit because it wasn’t very flattering.  Well, hello!  That outfit wouldn’t be flattering on anyoneSamantha did okay, but had a bit of an issue with confidence and being emotive.  Personally, I think that part of her issue was that she was told to talk on the phone for her shoot, which really requires very little movement compared to Alex‘s “flag down a cab and run to catch it” which requires a lot of action.  Demelza got a fabulous new dress which looked like a fabulous fluffy white cotton candy, and was given a better photo shoot, this time, her running down the sidewalk. 

So, afterwards, the girls did some sight-seeing, and received a Jodhi Mail from a police officer, saying that it was time for them to go home.  Aww… boo hoo.

Judging panel time!
They did that awful thing where they ask the girls why they should be the winner.  Blah.  I hate these… blah blah blah I’ve pushed myself so much… blah blah blah I want to win so much… blah blah blah.

Photos (in order of favorite to least favorite):

Yes, she looks commercial,  but big deal… what did you expect when you asked the girl to lean against a taxi and talk on a phone?

Okay, so it wasn’t great, but I frankly didn’t much like any of the shots this week and felt this wasn’t too awful, even considering her blank face.

Say what you like about it, but Alex really did not do anything in this shot.  The shot is “made” by the hair, the makeup and the outfit.  It’s because of those elements that it’s a great picture.  Focus on her face, however, and it’s the same bland (in fact, somewhat annoyed-looking) face she’s had for all of her other shots.  Of course, add that on to the fact that her immobile lips drive me nuts, and I do think I’m quite a bit biased.

So, who’s staying?
Alex & Demelza
Which means that Sam headed home, which kind of makes me sad, because I was really starting to like her a lot.  Hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll see her in the fashion world.

Thoughts on the final two?  Who do you want to see win?



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  1. Hey, AusNTM Next Top Blogger (I’m referring to whoever wrote this webpage, ’cause I don’t know their name). I’d like to request you to do the similarities thing that you did with Anya and Whitney, and do a page on this blog with Alex and Demelza. I hope you’d take this request, and notify me as soon as the page comes out! I’d greatly appreciate it if you did! Thanks so much!

  2. how can a commentary be dumb? a commentary is an opinion, and cutedog is the dumb one for not knowing that a commentary says nothing about intelligence… dude…

    I kind of disliked all those photos, too. after a lil thinking… maybe the sam-thing was sabotaged. they told her to smile and lean on a Taxi and then they eliminate her because she looks too commercial; and din’t one of the designers say she might have couture-potential? … hmmmm. i’m unhappy with the final two. Demelza… obviously doesn’t have the body to be a top model. that’s not a shame or something she should feel especially sad about. in fact, if she naturally isn’t that thin, she should not starve herself down to the frame that the industry requires. Alex… I just don’t like her face in photos. She has no specially pretty or interesting eyes, no special lips, no special anything. in my opinion^^ I miss Caris. and I think they should have given Kristy a chance. I thought she had potential. i’m sad about this cycle. I lovedlovedloved the last cycle and this one is kind of disappointing, imo.

  3. BUUU,.i love sam!!!

    demelza is so young!
    alex is bored!!


    but i don´t know who the australians love more

  4. I want my girl: Demy to win!

    Elit modeling agency’s manager sad they want Demelza’s face, Alex’s personality & Sam’s body. Well, Sam & Alex cannot make a new head grow on their necks to remove the ones they have, but Demelza can lose weight and she can learn how to have a conversation with important people, so what else we are talking about, Demelza is the best pick to win, her face is so unique & gorgeous!!!

  5. to ileyla

    Uhhh… I hated Christy she looked like a cheap wh*re, if it was on me, she would have been the first girl to go home. If someone got so little chance is EMMA!!! She had an interesting face and she was 182 cm tall, she should have done it at least to the finale 6.

    Otherwise I was happy with this season, the finale 5 (Demelza, Alex, Sam, Caris & Alyce) were really the top of the 13 girls, but to me Rebecca & Jaimi were to overrated and made it much more further than they deserved to do, if it was on me, Jaimi would have been the 3rd girl to go home (after Kristy & Kamilla) and Becca is the 5th (after Kristy, Kamilla, Jaimi & Belinda).

  6. demelza is soo pretty:D

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