Episode 9 Recap

June 18, 2008 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This week’s episode was brought to you by the letters A, N, T, M, and the YouTube user kimmikimmileon.

At the end of last week’s episode, bottom-two-dweller Alyce was finally sent home, and Caris was spared another week.  Of all the girls left, she is now the only one who has ever even been in the bottom two, which I think says a lot about the credibility of AusNTM for their eliminations and their eventual top four.  (Remind me again, how many times was Fatima in the bottom two before the final four episode?)

Regardless, the past episode left us with many questions…
– Will Caris be able to bounce back from the blow to her self-confidence?
– What will Demelza do with herself now that Alyce is gone?
– Will Sam continue her drastic improvement?
– Why is Alex still there?
– And who will be Australia’s Next Top Model

So, for our “how do you feel about the last elimination” segment, we talk with Alex (who would have rather had Demelza go), Caris (who was quite un-phased by the whole thing), and Demelza (who thinks Alyce was a distraction for her).

Jodhi Mail!
Oh, it’s on the phone again!  Gotta love that Samsung product placement!  Oh, and the top three are going overseas.  Surprise, surprise.

The lovely Charlotte Dawson shows up to teach the girls about dealing with the media.  Someone should really put Britney and Paris through one of those crash courses.

Red Carpet/Interview Highlights:
– Demelza actually had some brilliant answers, which totally threw me (and Charlotte) off guard.  Frankly, I don’t know of many 16-year-olds that could answer those questions with such poise and composure.  Kudos to her!
– Caris managed to throw in four “um”s in ten seconds, which is also pretty impressive, but in a different way.
– Sam looked ditzy and had no idea about current events.  That’s a shocker.
– Alex started well, but was a walking contradiction. 
– Sam and Rachel manage to backstab Demelza during the interview, which I’d imagine could make the house a rather interesting place to live.

Jodhi Mail!
Challenge time!

The Demezla/Alex confrontation was interesting, because it really showed Alex to be the overconfident, manipulative, nasty girl instead of Demelza.  Alex then went and wrote her an apology letter, but like Demelza, I really didn’t trust her sincerity.

Did anyone else notice Jonathan’s bright yellow shoes that he wore with his black-and-white outfit?  Someone please call the fashion police.  Yikes.

Challenge Highlights:
– Caris bored the interviewers to death by not giving them any information
– Alex came off as “icy” and blatantly lied to the journalist about her “enhanced” lips
– Samantha said she was really nervous but definitely didn’t show it.  She really shone during the interviews, and made it seem more like a conversation between friends than a job interview with a potential employer
– Demelza was very honest with the interviewers and — as Jonathan said — “showed maturity well beyond her years”
– Samantha won the challenge (yay)… basically because they didn’t ask her about Tibet or Wall Street.  She chooses Demelza to share her prize with her, while Alex and Caris get to be the waitresses at the event.  It was interesting to see what Sam and Demelza said about the others… you could tell that at first they were trying to be diplomatic, but after being pressed said some things which they probably shouldn’t have.

Jodhi Mail!
I still don’t get why they’re always so surprised when it shows up.
So, each gets a haute couture dress and has to be coached in to a new mindset or something “zen” like that.

Photo shoot highlights:
– Demelza had to pretend to catch butterflies and fairies and conduct an orchestra.  Ummmm… kay.  I can totally understand why she was getting frustrated.  Who can work under directions like that?
– Sam had to blow like a leaf in her African dress, and did quite well figuring out what she was supposed to be doing
– Caris had to pretend to be a puppet and that she had bugs in her hair, which would have been interesting, but she seemed to have one facial expression throughout.  She was quite highly praised, though by both Jonathan and the photographer
– Alex freaked herself out before the shoot, and was supposed to act like a lion tamer, and took direction well, so the photographer loved her.

Judging panel highlights:
– This week, they had the girls back in bikinis and walking for them so that they could judge the “whole package” rather than just based on the photo shoot… which frankly, I think that they should do more often.  After all, even international supermodels get bad shots every once in awhile.
– Caris was applauded for her body’s healthy transformation, whereas Demelza was told she still has work to do.
– The judges could not agree on who to eliminate, and they had to put it to a vote.  Oh, boy… who’s it going to be?

Call-out order
1. Demelza – I was a bit surprised she was called first, but do think she deserves a place in the final three
2. Sam – Kudos to her… I never would have thought she was going to make it to the final three, but I think she has a really good chance of winning.
3. Alex
4. Caris – I think they messed up here by sending her home instead of Alex… I really don’t understand what they see in Alex at all, though.

So, what do you think of our top three?  Who’s going to go on to win Australia’s Next Top Model?



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  1. fucking die demelzaonly reason u get through is cos jodhi the bloody fool is in love with you
    u need to lose that booty obviously ur not dedicated enough to work hard like caris did.

    and in my opinion caris’ body of work was MUCH stronger than demelzas

    that hoe better go next

  2. I have to disagree, Caris’s booty was still big, and not in the way like Demelza’s. Caris’s booty is to round, while Demelza’s a bit long,
    so Caris’s look like this: OO
    and Demelza’s like this: UU
    So Delemza’s still better!!! And her look is much more edgier, she looks like a real supermodel, not only in the sets like Caris, but also in person…

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