A Detailed Look at the FINAL FOUR

June 15, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

With only thirteen girls and a double-elimination, this season has seemed to go by exceedingly quickly.  It took my by surprise to discover that we are already down to the final four!  So… my thoughts on the remaining model wannabes…?


(her strongest photo)

Caris Eves, age 19, is the current forerunner in the competition, both with the judges and — it seems — with the fans.

Call-out average: 2.88
Times in top two: 3
Times in bottom two: 1
Challenge wins: 2
– strong portfolio, which has impressed the judges
– has shown dedication (sticking with her diet & exercise)
– has shown improvement
– has a friendly and kind disposition
– has been constantly struggling with her weight and figure
– has struggled with her self-confidence and controlling her emotions
– is probably the least outgoing of the remaining four
– as seen in this past episode, has very little fashion sense and is not impressive in person
Overall assessment: She is currently my favorite for the win, assuming she can continue to take fabulous pictures, and if she can continue to overcome her self-doubt and image issues.  Whether she actually will win, however, I’m not quite sure.


(her strongest photo)

Alexandra Girdwood, age 20, will probably go down in AusNTM history as the ultimate saboteur for her stunt of baking incredibly fattening goodies for all the other girls and eating none herself.  Later she also gives incredibly bad fashion advice to Caris, and it’s suggested this was also sabotage.

Call-out average: 3.88
Times in top two: 2
Times in bottom two: 0
Challenge wins: 2
– has remained consistent throughout the competition
– takes direction well
– is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry
– has great determination and self-confidence
– her “enhanced” lips allow her very little range in facial movement
– she has been criticized for seeming “disconnected” in her photos
– her role as saboteur shows a scheming, manipulative side of her personality
– she has not had any extraordinary photos that have just blown the judges away
Overall assessment: I’m actually quite surprised that she’s made it this far, as I haven’t been horribly impressed with any of her pictures.  She is very knowledgeable about the industry, but seems to me to have one look — not very versatile at all.  In my opinion, she should be the next to go.


(her strongest photo)

Samantha Downie, age 20, is the not-so-bright, but very lovely girl that gets the “biggest improvement” award for this competition, going from awkward and gawky to downright stunning.

Call-out average: 4.00
Times in top two: 4
Times in bottom two: 0
Challenge wins: 0
– has shown the greatest improvement throughout the competition
– has an exotic, unique look that the judges just love
– has had the most top-two call-outs thus far
– though a participant in the name-calling and bickering, she always manages to look innocent in front of the judges
– has not been consistently strong throughout the competition
– is completely oblivious when it comes to fashion, designers, and models
– struggles with self-confidence and self-image issues
– is — whether the judges actually see it or not — one of the “mean girls”
Overall assessment: At this point, I think that Sam probably has the greatest chance of taking home the title… not by much, but that is where I’m leaning right now.  Personally, I’d be okay with it if they sent her home next week, but frankly, there are others I’d rather see go home first.


(her strongest photo)

Demelza Reveley, age 16, is the original “mean girl” and supposed instigator of the attacks on Alamela.  Despite that, she’s made it this far and has continued to take fabulous photos.

Call-out average: 4.63
Times in top two: 3
Times in bottom two:
Challenge wins: 3
– has won more challenges than any of the remaining girls
– is the youngest of the bunch, with a young, fresh look but mature, sophisticated style
– is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry
– has shown herself to be determined and willing to do anything to win (including kissing a male model on the set of the commercial)
biggest disadvantage: She has been singled out as the ringleader of the verbal attacks on Alamela, which caused a huge uproar both on set and among the public.  Giving her the win would be bad for AusNTM’s image, and would not sit well with the viewers.
– is the youngest, and therefore the most immature
– has the lowest call-out average of the remaining girls
– had issues in the last episode with a decrease in self-confidence during her photo shoot
Overall assessment: Were it not for the conflict earlier this cycle with Alamela, I’d think that Demelza may have a good chance of winning.  However, because of that, I’d be surprised to see her in the top two.  Personally, her photos have been some of my favorites, and I think she has a great career ahead of her.



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  1. Hmm… well I think the consecutive eliminations of Rebecca and Alyce has left us with a pretty even playing field. All of the girls have good and bad qualities, and all have a chance at the title. Samantha’s improvement will definitely peg her as a contender, as will Caris’s consistently strong photos. I think Alex has the most to prove, and will need to do the most to win the judges over, and Demelza will have to prove that she has inner beauty as well.
    I have an odd feeling, though, that she’ll make it to the finale – and then lose out because so many fans have pledged to not support her after Alamela-gate.

  2. mmm…i really love caris…but i think Sam is strongest,i want caris and sam for final two…but demelza is strong too!!i don´t like her,but she have potential and she is so young!

  3. Actually, I think Demelza is the best model in this competition, I agree that what she did to Alamela was disguasting and we shouldn’t honour that behaviour, but I feel really sorry for her if the only reason why she will lose in the finale will be that behaviour, because she’s the most potential out of the girls and she really works hard for taking good pictures, her catwalk is fierce, and about that drama with Alamela…well everyone goes mas sometimes…

  4. Tahnks for posting

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