Discuss the Winner!

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Most of us have already seen or heard about the final AusNTM episode, so we know who the winner is.  If you haven’t yet, get on that!  Video is available on YouTube.

And the winner is… (after cut)

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Top Two Stats

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So, we’re down to the final three, and now it’s time to discuss: Who deserves it?  Who has the potential to live up to Alice Burdeau’s success?

So, first, here’s a look at the stats.  They’re very close in stats, with Alex slightly ahead, which is why I’m a bit surprised why everyone is saying that Demelza is Jodhi’s “pet” this cycle.  Neither had been in the bottom two until the final four, when Alex ended up in the bottom two with Caris.

Demelza has more top twos, but hasn’t been as consistent throughout.  And strangely enough, even with her elimination two weeks ago, Caris still had a higher call-out average than the remaining two girls.

Episode 10 Recap

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Today’s episode was brought to you by the letters N, Y, C, and the YouTube user funkcountry
Finally… it’s time to narrow it down to the final two.  Who will be Australia’s Next Top Model?

Will it be the mean girl?  Will her young, fresh look and wiser-than-her-years sophistication give her the win?
Will it be the ditzy girl? Will her vast improvement, exotic look, and bubbly people skills help her pull it off?
Will it be the saboteur?  Will her determination and do-or-die attitude be able to push her to the top?

We start off with the question:
What did we all think of Caris‘ elimination?
I thought it was completely ridiculous and unfair; I thought Alex should have gone home. 
Alex was sad about it (though not as sad, I’m sure, as if it had been her that was eliminated.)

So, they’re going to the Big Apple… NYC… New York, New York.  Sam in her flitty-but-somewhat-endearing way blabs on about how sad she is about saying goodbye to the house that they’ve lived in for the past nine weeks.  Perhaps I’m just not into material things, but seriously… it’s a house.

The giddy little tourists drive along all of the postcard places in New York, which was somewhat entertaining.  They stayed in the penthouse at the Alex, and I’ll admit, they had a fantastic view.  And there’s some high-school-type drama about Demelza picking the room that has one bed over the room that had two… as if Sam & Alex wouldn’t have picked that room first if they had the choice.  Right.

Jodhi Mail
Jodhi wakes them up calling them chickens… or something.  M’kay.  And they get to go to go-sees!  Hoorah!  I love go-sees… best part of any cycle of any Next Top Model.

First stop, Marilyn Agency.  Demelza got the best first impression, but they weren’t wowed with her photos.  They “weren’t really that into” Sam, and thought her photos were quite retouched.  They were quite impressed with Alex, though, and I’ll admit, even I am beginning to see her positive qualities.

Next stop, MC2.  They thought Sam had a good chance in New York, but they weren’t too keen on Alex.  They thought Demelza was beautiful, but needed to lose weight, especially in her legs.  Or, as Bianca would say, “CHECK YOUR THIGHS IN THE MIRROR and I’m done!”

Their third stop was Elite.  They thought Alex looked great when she walked in, and were fairly impressed throughout.  They loved Samantha‘s body and proportions, but saw her as more commercial-focused.  Demelza also was highly praised for her fabulous look, but thought she still needed to work on her body.  They wanted Alex‘s personality, Sam‘s body, and Demelza‘s face.  Which would be quite an interesting mix.

Jodhi Mail!
They receive this one on their room service cart.  And they get to visit SoHo.  And they’re going to meet someone “special.”  It’s Malan Breton, and they’re going to do a fashion show with his designs.  Fabulous!  Runway!

Sam and Demelza did great; but Alex had a hard time with the shoes and looked like a chicken trying to walk.  And, WOW Demelza either had some crazy heels on or is ridiculously tall.  So, they got to meet Alyce Burdeau, who didn’t have nearly as many words of wisdom as I expected.

Photo shoot time!
I don’t know if this was a “trick” for the girls, but the makeup artists asked some pretty pointed questions which seemed to turn the girls against each other.  Sneaky, sneaky!

Alex was super-excited about the hair and makeup motor home they got.  Because obviously RVs are super sexy and high-class.  Their photo shoot involved them running up to a cab, and Alex managed to trip on her shoes and twist her ankle.  Drama!  Is this another tactic to impress the photographer?  Demelza had some disadvantages… the first being that they had her change her outfit because it wasn’t very flattering.  Well, hello!  That outfit wouldn’t be flattering on anyoneSamantha did okay, but had a bit of an issue with confidence and being emotive.  Personally, I think that part of her issue was that she was told to talk on the phone for her shoot, which really requires very little movement compared to Alex‘s “flag down a cab and run to catch it” which requires a lot of action.  Demelza got a fabulous new dress which looked like a fabulous fluffy white cotton candy, and was given a better photo shoot, this time, her running down the sidewalk. 

So, afterwards, the girls did some sight-seeing, and received a Jodhi Mail from a police officer, saying that it was time for them to go home.  Aww… boo hoo.

Judging panel time!
They did that awful thing where they ask the girls why they should be the winner.  Blah.  I hate these… blah blah blah I’ve pushed myself so much… blah blah blah I want to win so much… blah blah blah.

Photos (in order of favorite to least favorite):

Yes, she looks commercial,  but big deal… what did you expect when you asked the girl to lean against a taxi and talk on a phone?

Okay, so it wasn’t great, but I frankly didn’t much like any of the shots this week and felt this wasn’t too awful, even considering her blank face.

Say what you like about it, but Alex really did not do anything in this shot.  The shot is “made” by the hair, the makeup and the outfit.  It’s because of those elements that it’s a great picture.  Focus on her face, however, and it’s the same bland (in fact, somewhat annoyed-looking) face she’s had for all of her other shots.  Of course, add that on to the fact that her immobile lips drive me nuts, and I do think I’m quite a bit biased.

So, who’s staying?
Alex & Demelza
Which means that Sam headed home, which kind of makes me sad, because I was really starting to like her a lot.  Hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll see her in the fashion world.

Thoughts on the final two?  Who do you want to see win?

A Note about Comments

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If you have had a comment that has been erased or altered, it’s not because I don’t like you or don’t value your opinions.  On the contrary, I love hearing what other people think of AusNTM, even if it isn’t the same as my own opinion.

In trying to keep this site “clean,” however, I will erase or edit any comments that include crass language or personal attacks.  Frankly, this is supposed to be fun, and no one has fun when they’re being cursed at or attacked.

Debate the qualities of each of the girls back and forth all you like, but resorting to immature tactics like calling other posters names or filling your post with the “f-bomb” and your comments will be edited or your IP address blocked.

Episode 9 Recap

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This week’s episode was brought to you by the letters A, N, T, M, and the YouTube user kimmikimmileon.

At the end of last week’s episode, bottom-two-dweller Alyce was finally sent home, and Caris was spared another week.  Of all the girls left, she is now the only one who has ever even been in the bottom two, which I think says a lot about the credibility of AusNTM for their eliminations and their eventual top four.  (Remind me again, how many times was Fatima in the bottom two before the final four episode?)

Regardless, the past episode left us with many questions…
– Will Caris be able to bounce back from the blow to her self-confidence?
– What will Demelza do with herself now that Alyce is gone?
– Will Sam continue her drastic improvement?
– Why is Alex still there?
– And who will be Australia’s Next Top Model

So, for our “how do you feel about the last elimination” segment, we talk with Alex (who would have rather had Demelza go), Caris (who was quite un-phased by the whole thing), and Demelza (who thinks Alyce was a distraction for her).

Jodhi Mail!
Oh, it’s on the phone again!  Gotta love that Samsung product placement!  Oh, and the top three are going overseas.  Surprise, surprise.

The lovely Charlotte Dawson shows up to teach the girls about dealing with the media.  Someone should really put Britney and Paris through one of those crash courses.

Red Carpet/Interview Highlights:
– Demelza actually had some brilliant answers, which totally threw me (and Charlotte) off guard.  Frankly, I don’t know of many 16-year-olds that could answer those questions with such poise and composure.  Kudos to her!
– Caris managed to throw in four “um”s in ten seconds, which is also pretty impressive, but in a different way.
– Sam looked ditzy and had no idea about current events.  That’s a shocker.
– Alex started well, but was a walking contradiction. 
– Sam and Rachel manage to backstab Demelza during the interview, which I’d imagine could make the house a rather interesting place to live.

Jodhi Mail!
Challenge time!

The Demezla/Alex confrontation was interesting, because it really showed Alex to be the overconfident, manipulative, nasty girl instead of Demelza.  Alex then went and wrote her an apology letter, but like Demelza, I really didn’t trust her sincerity.

Did anyone else notice Jonathan’s bright yellow shoes that he wore with his black-and-white outfit?  Someone please call the fashion police.  Yikes.

Challenge Highlights:
– Caris bored the interviewers to death by not giving them any information
– Alex came off as “icy” and blatantly lied to the journalist about her “enhanced” lips
– Samantha said she was really nervous but definitely didn’t show it.  She really shone during the interviews, and made it seem more like a conversation between friends than a job interview with a potential employer
– Demelza was very honest with the interviewers and — as Jonathan said — “showed maturity well beyond her years”
– Samantha won the challenge (yay)… basically because they didn’t ask her about Tibet or Wall Street.  She chooses Demelza to share her prize with her, while Alex and Caris get to be the waitresses at the event.  It was interesting to see what Sam and Demelza said about the others… you could tell that at first they were trying to be diplomatic, but after being pressed said some things which they probably shouldn’t have.

Jodhi Mail!
I still don’t get why they’re always so surprised when it shows up.
So, each gets a haute couture dress and has to be coached in to a new mindset or something “zen” like that.

Photo shoot highlights:
– Demelza had to pretend to catch butterflies and fairies and conduct an orchestra.  Ummmm… kay.  I can totally understand why she was getting frustrated.  Who can work under directions like that?
– Sam had to blow like a leaf in her African dress, and did quite well figuring out what she was supposed to be doing
– Caris had to pretend to be a puppet and that she had bugs in her hair, which would have been interesting, but she seemed to have one facial expression throughout.  She was quite highly praised, though by both Jonathan and the photographer
– Alex freaked herself out before the shoot, and was supposed to act like a lion tamer, and took direction well, so the photographer loved her.

Judging panel highlights:
– This week, they had the girls back in bikinis and walking for them so that they could judge the “whole package” rather than just based on the photo shoot… which frankly, I think that they should do more often.  After all, even international supermodels get bad shots every once in awhile.
– Caris was applauded for her body’s healthy transformation, whereas Demelza was told she still has work to do.
– The judges could not agree on who to eliminate, and they had to put it to a vote.  Oh, boy… who’s it going to be?

Call-out order
1. Demelza – I was a bit surprised she was called first, but do think she deserves a place in the final three
2. Sam – Kudos to her… I never would have thought she was going to make it to the final three, but I think she has a really good chance of winning.
3. Alex
4. Caris – I think they messed up here by sending her home instead of Alex… I really don’t understand what they see in Alex at all, though.

So, what do you think of our top three?  Who’s going to go on to win Australia’s Next Top Model?

Episode 9 Photos

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In order of my favorite to least favorite… which was tough this week, because I really didn’t like any of the shots.

Demelza – Though I’m not sure how haute couture her pose is, at least she doesn’t look like a complete amateur.

Samantha – I debated putting hers first because I do think it is more couture, but I couldn’t get over the strange shape that her body takes near the waist (what is she doing?  kicking one leg way up, forward, and… I’m not even sure how that’s possible) and her head tilted back, which makes her jaw look huge.  Learn your angles, girl!

Caris – Sorry, but this was a truly awful shot.  It looks like a cross between Bride of Frankenstein and a marionette.  And the zombie-like eyes that aren’t really focused on anything definitely don’t help matters any.

Alexandra – I debated putting hers above Caris’, but the more I looked at it, the more I hate it.  It kind of reminds me of a pregnant marching band drum major tripping on her skanky prom dress.  Who knows?  Maybe that’s what she was going for?

A Detailed Look at the FINAL FOUR

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With only thirteen girls and a double-elimination, this season has seemed to go by exceedingly quickly.  It took my by surprise to discover that we are already down to the final four!  So… my thoughts on the remaining model wannabes…?


(her strongest photo)

Caris Eves, age 19, is the current forerunner in the competition, both with the judges and — it seems — with the fans.

Call-out average: 2.88
Times in top two: 3
Times in bottom two: 1
Challenge wins: 2
– strong portfolio, which has impressed the judges
– has shown dedication (sticking with her diet & exercise)
– has shown improvement
– has a friendly and kind disposition
– has been constantly struggling with her weight and figure
– has struggled with her self-confidence and controlling her emotions
– is probably the least outgoing of the remaining four
– as seen in this past episode, has very little fashion sense and is not impressive in person
Overall assessment: She is currently my favorite for the win, assuming she can continue to take fabulous pictures, and if she can continue to overcome her self-doubt and image issues.  Whether she actually will win, however, I’m not quite sure.


(her strongest photo)

Alexandra Girdwood, age 20, will probably go down in AusNTM history as the ultimate saboteur for her stunt of baking incredibly fattening goodies for all the other girls and eating none herself.  Later she also gives incredibly bad fashion advice to Caris, and it’s suggested this was also sabotage.

Call-out average: 3.88
Times in top two: 2
Times in bottom two: 0
Challenge wins: 2
– has remained consistent throughout the competition
– takes direction well
– is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry
– has great determination and self-confidence
– her “enhanced” lips allow her very little range in facial movement
– she has been criticized for seeming “disconnected” in her photos
– her role as saboteur shows a scheming, manipulative side of her personality
– she has not had any extraordinary photos that have just blown the judges away
Overall assessment: I’m actually quite surprised that she’s made it this far, as I haven’t been horribly impressed with any of her pictures.  She is very knowledgeable about the industry, but seems to me to have one look — not very versatile at all.  In my opinion, she should be the next to go.


(her strongest photo)

Samantha Downie, age 20, is the not-so-bright, but very lovely girl that gets the “biggest improvement” award for this competition, going from awkward and gawky to downright stunning.

Call-out average: 4.00
Times in top two: 4
Times in bottom two: 0
Challenge wins: 0
– has shown the greatest improvement throughout the competition
– has an exotic, unique look that the judges just love
– has had the most top-two call-outs thus far
– though a participant in the name-calling and bickering, she always manages to look innocent in front of the judges
– has not been consistently strong throughout the competition
– is completely oblivious when it comes to fashion, designers, and models
– struggles with self-confidence and self-image issues
– is — whether the judges actually see it or not — one of the “mean girls”
Overall assessment: At this point, I think that Sam probably has the greatest chance of taking home the title… not by much, but that is where I’m leaning right now.  Personally, I’d be okay with it if they sent her home next week, but frankly, there are others I’d rather see go home first.


(her strongest photo)

Demelza Reveley, age 16, is the original “mean girl” and supposed instigator of the attacks on Alamela.  Despite that, she’s made it this far and has continued to take fabulous photos.

Call-out average: 4.63
Times in top two: 3
Times in bottom two:
Challenge wins: 3
– has won more challenges than any of the remaining girls
– is the youngest of the bunch, with a young, fresh look but mature, sophisticated style
– is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry
– has shown herself to be determined and willing to do anything to win (including kissing a male model on the set of the commercial)
biggest disadvantage: She has been singled out as the ringleader of the verbal attacks on Alamela, which caused a huge uproar both on set and among the public.  Giving her the win would be bad for AusNTM’s image, and would not sit well with the viewers.
– is the youngest, and therefore the most immature
– has the lowest call-out average of the remaining girls
– had issues in the last episode with a decrease in self-confidence during her photo shoot
Overall assessment: Were it not for the conflict earlier this cycle with Alamela, I’d think that Demelza may have a good chance of winning.  However, because of that, I’d be surprised to see her in the top two.  Personally, her photos have been some of my favorites, and I think she has a great career ahead of her.

Episode 8 Recap

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Thanks for posting the link to this week’s episode on YouTube, Saikun!  I had a bunch of “IRL” stuff going on this week, so haven’t had a chance to check up on AusNTM in awhile.  But, I’m back now and ready to blog about all the excitement and drama of episode 8!

When we left last week, the final six model wannabes had arrived in their tropical location, Fiji, and had each gotten a chance to do not one, but two photoshoots modeling fun and fashionable beach clothing and swimsuits.  Rebecca was finally eliminated!  And as we head into this week, we wonder:

  • What will happen to the Bitchkateers now that one of their own is gone?
  • Will Alex figure out how to work her stiff lips?
  • Is Caris going to have a complete meltdown, or will she be able to stick it out?
  • Who will be eliminated next?

We start out as usual, talking about all our feelings about the previous elimination.  Awwww.  Hugs.  Alex thinks Alyce should have left; Demelza thinks Alex should have left.  Personally, I’m just glad Rebecca is gone.

It comes in a box, and Caris didn’t want to open it in case some creature was in it.  Um… kay.  I love this girl’s photos, but her personality strikes me as a bit… wimpy.

So they put on tshirts (lame) that have the words “PREPARE TO KNOW YOUR FASHION” on them (lame) and then line up in order (lame)… but then Jodhi comes down the back stairway, they all turn, and all the words are backwards.  Haha.  “FASHION YOUR KNOW TO PREPARE!” (LAME!)

So, this fashion “guru” went through their clothes and tells them how awful they are.  Haha.  Caris asks for Alex’s advice on how to dress, and Caris ends up looking awful, while Alex herself gets praised.  Wow… Alex really is a saboteur.  And “cant-think-for-herself” Caris asks Alex again for the second outfit.  And for some reason this whole thing makes me want to go shopping.  I think there’s some subliminal messaging here at work.

So, they go to Vogue… as Alyce says, “The place everyone wants to be.”  Sorry, Alyce, but I would much rather be here at home with my tea and my fuzzy slippers than at Vogue.  Way to generalize, Alyce.  Then, they all make themselves look like idiots by not knowing what “high-end fashion” is.  Sam admits that she’s fashion-illiterate.  Wow.  These girls are definitely not putting their best feet forward today.  They’re asked what they know about Vogue and the history of Vogue, and we see four very awkward, blank faces.  And then Alex, who blabbers on and on and on.

This Jodhi mail was found in a vintage Vogue magazine.  Ooooo.

Challenge 1: Dress for the event
They have to dress for the opening of a funky bar.  They all made a mess of it, especially Caris.  Alyce gets harped on about her weight again.

Next, they have to dress for a day at the races.  What kind of races?  Horse races?  NASCAR races?  I’m not entirely sure what look they were going for.  Once again, they all make a mess of it, especially Alyce.

Challenge 2: Match the dress with the designer name
Caris got a brainfreeze and forgot them all; Demelza got a perfect score.

Challenge 3: Match model names with model covers
Sam totally flunked.

Demelza won the challenge, which really annoyed Alex.  Personally, I think Alex was a bit precocious about the whole thing, and then went on to whine about it all.  So Wayne Cooper picked up Demelza and Alyce at the airport and the girls acted like typical starstruck teenagers, complete with giggling and blushing.  From there it’s off to their resort, which had a fabulous view of the beach.  I personally wasn’t really impressed with the dresses that they got from Wayne Cooper.  I thought they looked about twenty years older than their ages.  And Demelza’s 80s-themed hairdo didn’t help any.

Time for another photo shoot… for Oyster magazine.

– Alex was highly praised
– Demelza had a tough pose that she had to deal with, and definitely struggled with it
– Caris did really well, and Demelza & Sam really ripped on her behind the scenes
– Sam was VERY highly praised by the photographer, Oyster editor, and Jonathan
– Alyce struggled with being too “posey” again

Well, Jodhi video phone message anyways.  They were told to buy an outfit for $100 for elimination.  So, they show up at judging and each and every single one of them looked hideous.

You can scroll down to the last post for the photos & my comments.  I’m going to skip ahead to the call-out order:
1. Samantha (I didn’t think her shot was that great)
2. Alex (I definitely didn’t think her shot was that great)
3. Demelza (who was told, once again, to put forth more effort)

Which left Alyce & Caris in the bottom two. 
And Caris’s name was called.  Whew.  I would have been VERY upset had “fourth-time-in-bottom-two” Alyce been picked over frontrunner Caris.

So… now it’s down to CARIS, ALEX, SAM, and DEMELZA.  How do you feel about our final four?

Episode 8 Photos!

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It’s AusNTM time!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it harder and harder to pick whom I want to go home each week, especially now that Rebecca’s gone.  All five of these girls have great modeling potential; though they may not be all the bubbly, sweet, outgoing spokesmodels that would make it to the top on ANTM, I think that this creates a far better competition.

So, here are the photos from this week, in order from my favorite to least favorite:

Demelza – This photo is lovely, soft, and she looks like a professional… I really think she nailed this one.

Caris – Lovely, and intense, in almost a scary sort of way.  If this were in a magazine, I would definitely be drawn to look at it.  Of course, then I would see what a hideous dress she was wearing and look away, but I guess I can’t hold that against her.

Samantha – I’m not a fan of the lens flare, but that’s just personal preference.  Sam here looks great, but perhaps a bit devoid of expression in the eyes.  (“Smile with your eyes!” as Tyra would say)

Alyce – This has a very serene look about it, and she definitely wears the clothes well, but it’s nothing shockingly impressive.

Alex – I like this photo, but more for it’s artsy quality rather than because I think that she did a great job working it.  Of the five remaining, I think that Alex has the least amount of range or potential.

Episode 7 Recap

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We left off last week with the shocking elimination of not one, but two girls — Leiden & Jamie. While I was sad to see Jamie go (I thought she was greatly improving), I was quite delighted to finally be done hearing Leiden’s whining.

Questions for this week:
– Will Caris continue her rise to the top?
– Will Alyce and Rebecca be able to lose those pounds they packed on?
– Will Samantha finally start showing her real potential?
– When will we finally be rid of Rebecca?

Episode 7
Alyce makes the brilliant comment that there are six girls left, “which is almost like five; which is almost like four; which is almost like three!” You can count backwards! Your kindergarten teacher must be so proud.

And, in case you were wondering, here’s the girls’ current status in regards to the fat cupcakes… oooh… sides are being drawn!
Alex – saboteur
Alyce – fat
Rebecca – fat
Demelza – thinks the girls brought it upon themselves
Caris – glad she’s not the one being told to work on her diet anymore
Samantha – no comment

So, they’re going to Fiji.
First sign that your Top Models are a bit immature: they all bring stuffed animals to the airport with them.
Second sign that your Top Models are a bit immature: Rebecca’s “I told you so” speech about her prediction that they were going to have to do runway on the plane.

Runway highlights
– Samantha had a “Muppet mouth,” as Jonathan called it. Hilarious.
– Alyce & Demelza looked silly, was goofing off, and looked ridiculous
– Caris, Alex & Rebecca did very well

As they’re driving through Fiji, one of the most exciting things that they saw was…. a cow. Seriously, here we have half a dozen teenage girls jumping up and down with excitement over… a cow. Maybe someone can clue me in on this — are cows extinct in Australia? The fact that a cow excited such a reaction absolutely boggles my mind.

Their resort villa was absolutely gorgeous… that I will admit. Not saying that I would have been shrieking as much as them, but… still.

Jodhi Mail!
So, there’s a challenge tomorrow. Big surprise.

They are doing their first photo shoot, for City clothing. Third sign that your Top Models are a bit immature: they had to specifically point out to them that they were not to act like giggly girls for this shoot. Yikes.

Challenge highlights:
– Alex had trouble with her mouth, but otherwise did alright
– Alyce had trouble being too posey, but the photographer was impressed with her
– Demelza did fairly well
– Rebecca had trouble with a lack of confidence, and kept doing the same poses over and over
– Samantha had trouble relaxing, but the photographer was fairly impressed with her
– Caris starts bawling about her health and fitness again… goodness gracious this girl is emotional. She had a lovely photo shoot, though and went on to win the challenge. She got a camcorder and chose Alex to join her for a day at the spa, while the others had to clean.

Then, there’s a really awkward scene with a mostly-naked Rebecca getting a massage from Demelza.
Fourth sign that your Top Models are a bit immature: They think it’s funny to throw frogs at one another… and the ones at whom the frogs are directed screech and yell about it. I’m not really sure which is worse.

Jodhi Mail!
So, the “losers” have to get ready to clean, while Caris & Alex head to the spa.

So, the girls were whiny brats about doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning the pool, raking seaweed, etc… as expected. While Caris & Alex enjoyed their day of pampering… which really made me want to go get a massage as well.

Jodhi Mail!
It was “really exciting” because it was in a bottle in their pool. Wow, these girls are easily amused.

They head to a tiny island and shoot with Russell James (as a side note, I’m not really a fan of his… meh.) They were briefed on their product — Tiger Lily bikinis — and started shooting.

Photo shoot highlights:
– Rebecca needed directed a lot
– Samantha really adapted well; Jodhi was very impressed
– Caris totally worked the camera and impressed Russell and Jonathan
– Demelza nailed it; Jodhi thought she was unbelievable
– Alex showed creativity, which won her points with Jonathan
– Alyce again had trouble relaxing and was way too posey… Jodhi and Russell seemed really frustrated

Jodhi Mail!
Judging panel… yay.

Judging panel highlights:
– Well, I thought Alex’s Tiger Lily photo looked possessed… but the judges thought it was gorgeous. Oh well.

Call-out order:
1. Demelza
2. Samantha
3. Caris
4. Alex
5. Alyce
6. Rebecca – bout time

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